The Cape May Days Travel Planner

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Are you ready to stop stressing and start relaxing on vacation?

Do you want the Cape May vacation you have always dreamed of?

Get organized and take the stress out of vacation planning with Cape May Days' digital vacation planner and guide! Only $9.99!

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"The planner is FABULOUS. I love that you can print out what suits you too! People like me need people like you!"

 –Carolyn B.


You know you should have a packing list, but writing down everything the family might need is a pain.

You know you should book your activities, but you seem to forget until you get there...

Let's face it–there's nothing more frustrating than arriving at your Cape May beach rental house or hotel to realize you forgot to pack your favorite flip-flops, or worse, you didn't book dinner reservations at your favorite Cape May restaurant.

You know that you should make a list ahead of time. You know you should make reservations. Maybe you've even tried jotting down a few things on a sticky note.

And yet, it's not quite working.

The truth is that having an easy to use travel planner is a game changer, one that will take the stress out of vacation prep, and allow you to enjoy the things that are most important, time with family and friends in Cape May.

Cape May Days has just thing to easily organize your vacation planning - including links to Cape May attractions and activities, a comprehensive checklist and daily planning guide. It is fully digital so you can easily fill it out on any laptop or tablet. It's pre-formatted and printable. And it's only $9.99!

Imagine peace of mind knowing you didn't forget anything before you travel...

Here are a few of the features of the Cape May Days Travel Planner

  • Comprehensive packing checklists for all members of the family
  • Daily meal and activity planners
  • Daily journal
  • Extensive list of attractions and activities with handy links
  • Convenient reminders for next year's trip
  • Editable and printable from any laptop or tablet
  • Instant download
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Here are a few samples pages

The Cape May Days Travel Planner contains 24 pages including: a pre-departure checklist, four packing list pages including a baby/toddler packing list, comprehensive list of Cape May activities, seven daily planners, seven daily journal pages, note pages, and convenient reminders for you next trip.

Vacation Planner Page 1 Image

Travel Dates and Pre-departure Checklist

Vacation Checklist Page Image

Sample Packing List

Vacation Avtivities Page Image

Favorite Cape May Activities with Links

Daily Planner Image

Daily Planner Sample